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Why don’t you remove out of stock items?
Nigarish Ahmad Apr 25, 2015

We generally do not remove those out of stock items which are in production and are soon going to be available in the store. We remove items only under following circumstances:...

Are products shown on the site real?
Nigarish Ahmad Apr 25, 2015

Yes. 100% Real. At Ishi Maya, we only deal in original, authentic products. If you do not get what we see on our website, then the product is on us!...

Will the product look same as it is shown in picture?
Store Owner Apr 25, 2015

We deal in genuine and original products only. We only ship what is shown in the image on the website. Often our products look even more beautiful in reality than their pictures....

What does semi-stitched salwar kameez mean?
Nigarish Ahmad Apr 25, 2015

Following describe a Semi-Stitched Salwar Kameez...

4 Item(s)

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